How to Unarchive or Archive chat in Yo WhatsApp?

You may want to delete certain Yo WhatsApp messages to organize your online conversations, free up storage space or hide secret conversations.

But that's not all - do you know how to delete or archive WhatsApp Yo conversations? If so, you can try using the archive or delete archive function to save the messages you really need and have them ready for later use. Otherwise, continue as described in the next section.

How to Unarchive or Archive chat in Yo WhatsApp?

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What you need to know before archiving:

  • Archiving does not delete calls from the call screen or save messages to the SD card.
  • Calls you want to archive are always archived with new messages.
  • You will not receive any messages unless someone calls or listens to you.

Here's what you need to do (steps).

How to archive WhatsApp conversations?

  • Go to Yo Yo WhatsApp and find the chat you want to archive.
  • Tap and hold on the chat and a menu will appear.
  • Tap the archive icon.
  • The chat is archived.

How do I archive all chat conversations in YoWhatsApp?

  1. First, press and hold the chat you want to archive.
  2. You can stop until the green arrow appears.
  3. Tap the other chat you want to archive.
  4. Tap the archive icon at the top of the screen.
  5. All chats are now archived.

How do I unarchive a Yo WhatsApp chat?

  1. Launch Yo WhatsApp.
  2. Scroll to the top of the CHATS screen.
  3. Click the archive button.
  4. One by one, click on the conversations you don't want to archive.
  5. When prompted, tap Unarchive (probably at the top of the screen).
  6. The conversation is now archived.

Where can I see archived chats in Yo WhatsApp?

  1. Open the CHATS screen.
  2. Press the Archive button.
  3. The chats you previously archived should be there.

Learning how to unarchive and archive chats in Yo Yo WhatsApp will help you better manage your interactions. Archiving is recommended for those who want to hide themselves in a group but don't want to lose messages that mention them. This article explains everything you need to know about unarchiving or archiving chats on Yo WhatsApp, try it now.