How to deal with spam from FM WhatsApp

Nobody likes spam and fake ads that cause trouble. Because of this, we often get bugs in our apps. However, these spam emails and fake ads continue to flood the platforms. FM WhatsApp APK also suffered from the intrusion of spam emails and advertisements. Because these spam emails contain harmful content, our personal information is often illegally obtained through fraud, phishing, false advertising, and other means. Maybe you can play with the different features of FM WhatsApp, but it can't solve your headache.

How to deal with spam from FM WhatsApp

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Don't worry, I will show you how to detect what spam is and how to prevent spam from appearing frequently on FM WhatsApp.

How to distinguish spam?

Spam is easy to distinguish. It usually manifests itself in the following two situations.

with malicious links

Suspicious links are usually found at the bottom of the email content. You can determine if it is harmful by opening suspicious links. If the link takes your page to another page that contains a malware download, don't download it. This is likely to result in the disclosure of your personal information.

content errors

Errors in content often manifest as grammatical and spelling errors. These emails are certainly not common. Sometimes the system will automatically recognize them as spam and prompt you to delete them in time.

How to deal with FM WhatsApp spam?

If you receive a similar email, please go to the FM WhatsApp official website to confirm that the email is legitimate. Or just ignore them.

You can also choose who can see your personal information by changing your personal account privacy settings.